I would like to share “Moochie” with everyone. He is not a dog but a cat. Several years ago, I opened my back dog and this young cat barged in. He was sweet and warm and wouldn’t leave. As time went on – he became a bit of a nuisance. The most persistent cat I have ever met – he had to be with us. We learned that he belonged to some neighbors down the street. Unfortunately, these neighbors were not the kindest people in the world. Moochie was malnurished and responded to our attention and love. We always encouraged him to leave but he somehow chose us over his owners.

Today, he has completely abandoned his owners – and stays close to our house. He is not ours but he is in our hearts. It’s an unbelievable story, but Moochie will not let us go. By the way, Moochie is not his real name. We named him Moochie originally, as he was such a Mooch when he first barged into our house.

We will watch over Moochie forever…..each night when we let him out we say “Go with God.” And every morning it is a joy to see hiim at the front door – in rain, snow blizzards – no matter what he is there waiting. Thanks for reading.

Bolan from NY