Mona Lisa

I also grew up in Cheltenham township; I learned we were neighbors in childhood when I was given Rescuing Sprite as a gift; which is an understatement. This book is a god send, and I will cherish your story forever. I rescued a dog from a shelter in Southern Illinois, maybe I should say the dog rescued me. I was in a deep depression, my marriage was falling apart due to lack of commitment, and understanding. My awesome friend Jayna peeled me off the sofa, and drove me, with her retrever to the local shelter. She stated we were not leaving with out a dog; this experience brought me to tears, how do I pick just one, there were so many, and all needed adoption. I had to leave to go outside to gather myself from an emotional breakdown. Jayna follwed me with her dog outside, and stated again we are not leaving until you adopt a dog.


From the first walk in and out there was only one dog in the shelter that was not barking, or jumping, she in my mind was as depressed as I was for different reasons; hers were worse, she was abandoned, unlove, unwanted. We took her out for a walk, and Sadie the retriver loved her from that very moment, as did I. I held her in my arms like a baby, as they suggest to know if the dog will trust you. My dog lay relaxed in my arms, and she was offically mine in this moment; papers signed. Mona Lisa is her name, she has mayballene eyes, and a smile to die for, she is a Dingo, a really honest to G-d full native american dog. She learned to sit in hours, paw the door for pottie in that week, and was coming to her name in no time. Walks were another story, I would have to drag her by the chest harnest, as the vet suggested, her four legs spread, chest to the ground. When we finally got to the field I would release her, and taught her to catch frissbe.


After a few weeks she was dragging me to the field to play. I have had her for six wonderful years, and cherish every moment. Many worlds have come and gone since I frist adopted her, we now live on the eastern shore, from way of New England. Mona has learned to cross country ski, and surfing is her favorite thing to do these days. When I show up to work without the dog, its ‘Where’s Mona?’ not ‘Hi how are you?’. Needless to say she is with me every step of the way. She had a parisite inflamming he GI tracked this summer, and was close to death, and so was I my heart was breaking of the thought of losing my loyal family member. We pulled threw, and doing well, have many years ahead. Sorry for rambling on; I read your book through tears, blurred words of joy and sorrow. What a gift you have given the Universe, love is close behind a grateful heart, and thankful mind.


G-d bless you, your family and furry friends for remebering g-ds grace love, hope, and faith,

Jordan from MD