We too welcomed a rescue dog into our lives in 2004, a little chihuahua, Molly, who was used for puppy mill purposes only for the first 5 yrs of her life. she did not know how to bark or walk on a leash but she was the most beautiful multi color dog we had ever seen and she too did not have a mean bone in her body, what a joy, loved to be held and loved and gave us so much love in return.

Mol-Mol was dx with liver cancer inOct 07 which was a shock and it was inoperable. We sought a specialist opinion but the sad facts remained. We spent as much time with her as we could, loving every minute but knowing what the outcome would be. She fought so hard to stay with us but stopped eating on Jan 5 and proceeded to have a terrible seizure and we neededto put her down on Jan7. We have a wonderful vet who came to our house for that final act which was peaceful and the only humane thing to do at that time.

So as we continue our travel through grief I found your book about Sprite. Your chapter A Hard Fall perfectly described our feelings about how God could let this happen to such a wonderful girl and why so soon she had to be taken away from us, those 3 years were so very short but we too were so blessed by the gifts she gave us. Thank you for writing your book, I get comfort from hearing that other people love their dogs as we do and that that void will remain for a while until we have completed our grieving process so we too are healed and remember only the very best memories that our Mol-Mol so willing gave to us. Thanks so very much and may you and your family always be blessed with special animals in your lives…

Pat and Steve from CT