Dear Mark Levin,
I do not have a dog, but I have grown up with cats since I was born, and I love reading and being around dogs, too. I am 11 years old, and have read your book. I remember I was at school with tears down my cheeks. Your book is so touching, your dogs are wonderful. Reading this book, I really got to know your dogs, and you are a wonderful person. I know what I say does not mean much coming from “just a kid who’s never even had a dog”, but I was really touched by your book. I related to everything you said. I have a cat who’s very old with arthritis, and she can’t really jump up on things anymore and mostly stays in one spot. It’s hard to watch her, knowing that her day is probably coming soon, and you can’t really prepare completely for something like that. You can’t prepare emotions.

I also have another older cat who sneezes a lot, the vets think he may have heart problems. He’s also getting skinny and throws up his food. He’s not in pain, but it’s hard. He’s been with me since I was born. And the cat with arthritis, she came to live with us. She was the neighbor’s but is scared of their dogs(who I love playing with, they’re very nice), and she came to live with us. It’s not a story about dogs, but I’ve lost cats before, and losing any animal is hard. Every creature is a great companion, and your quote of how “in the end, humans are the lucky ones” is so true. Animals are with us through everything, they watch TV with us, they greet us at the door, they follow us aroun the house. They are there through it all.

I am so sorry for your loss. You did the right thing for Sprite, and I bet he is and was so proud to have your family, not as owners, but as friends. I hope Pepsi and Griffen are well, and I’ll add a picture of one of my cat’s (the one with arthritis) for you. Thank you so much for reading this.