Dear Mark,
I hope it’s ok to tell you about my cat Miko(Meeko). I had him for about 5 years, and i did’nt like cats when i got him, but, eventually he grew on me always wanting to be close and greeting me with purring and rubbing. one thing that brought us closer was he always liked to lay on or next to me when i would go to bed, nuzzling his face into My neck.


I got married in april 2007. He loved my wife just as much.He was the most affectionate kitty i’ve ever been around. On January 14 2008 he was having trouble breathing so we brought him in to the vet and the diagnoses was a tumor in his neck to close to the artery to do surgery, The breathing, rapidly got worse we had to put him down(jan 15 2008 7:45 pm). It went very fast.


You are so right humans get the better end of the deal. He meant so much to me. The last 72 hours have been very hard on my wife and i. I never thought i would be so attached and i cant stop crying and i dont cry about anything, I have a picture on my phone of him and wish you could see him, he was a beautiful siamese. But now he is in kitty heaven probably sleeping on the bed(his favorite place to be). right before he left us he nuzled his head between my wife and i , I think a gesture to say “its okay I love you guys”. Thanks mark, for letting me tell you about my buddy Miko.


Troy from CO