Dear Mark,

Last weekend I read your book “Rescuing Sprite” after I got it as a Christmas present… I knew it wouldn’t be easy to read it but I hadn’t expected it being so wonderful and painful at the same time. Your last sentence in the introduction is so right – I’ve been deeply moved and I’m holding my dog closer in my memories.

Five years ago I lost my beloved Max – a Great Dane – hunting dog – mix. Like your Sprite he was an older dog when we got him – not all healthy and living in an animal shelter, waiting for a family to come and get him. Although he wasn’t neither very pretty nor healty the first time we saw him – it was crytsal clear we wanted only that dog!
We were lucky to spent 8 years with him and he gave us so much joy, love and happiness! He was very special to us and he knew that. Somehow he picked us the day we came to the animal shelter.

When you described Sprite’s last morning it was like going back in time – I remember exactly the same scene – with Max lying down on the floor, cuddling and holding him for the last time….
I’m still thinking of him – every single day and he’s alive in our memories.
I kind of felt strange telling people I desperately miss my dog – even after 5 years. But I think that’s sometihing only dog lovers understand.
Thank you Mark for sharing your thoughts, feelings and memories with all of us. Sprite and your story really encouraged me to move on and give another dog a new & happy life. There are so many of them waiting for us in shelters or Foster Families.

Bless y’all

Meike from Germany