My husband purchased Rescuing Sprite for me as an early Christmas gift as I love dogs immensely. Thanks for the book. We need more like it.

I recently became aware of a situation at a local animal hospital that deeply disturbs me. Every time I entered this facility there was a dog in a little red wagon, lying there covered with a blanket.. People would pass by and pet him, but he never got up. On a recent visit, I asked what his story was. Over a year ago this dog was shot by a farmer that paralyzed his hind legs. His owner had carelessly let her pack of dogs run loose and kill livestock. Thus the farmer acted. This poor dog was brought in to the hospital by his owner and she refused to put him to sleep. She was going to get a makeshift wheelchair made for him so he could continue his life. She has never returned, but refuses to let the facility put him down. The facility continues to care for him with no financial assistance from the owner. He does not act much like a dog. He trembles, he rarely sniffs at things. He does take treats and is very friendly. The facility has contacted law enforcement and was told they cannot do anything because the dog has an owner and since she refuses to sign consent they cannot put him down. They kept him in their kennel area, but he went through a deep depression. They brought him out in the wagon during the day and his depression subsided. Some bring in treats and left overs for him, while others come in to pray for him. Since I have learned about Manny, a day does not go by that I don’t worry about him.

Debbie from TX

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  1. Jamie Granillo Says:

    Manny’s story worries me too. Why can’t someone help financially? I would be willing to help and probably other dog lovers would too. I am assuming his owner pays for his boarding at the vet, but if she isn’t, why can’t the vet take Manny into custody and find another owner interested in fitting him for the wheelchair device? I can be contacted at this email address if this vet office is looking for financial donations for Manny.

  2. holly bryant Says:

    Debbie, What a heart breaking story. I too will think of Manny everyday. Have you thought of maybe getting the local news involved? maybe some press will pressure the so called owner of this animal to do the right thing. God bless you and all the people that work at the shelter, i am so glad I don;t live close because I am rather quick to act when a defenseless animal is involved. Good luck