I had to put my Mac to sleep two weeks ago. He was a beautiful little Yorkie that I had for 12 years. When a dear friend of mine found out about my decision, he immediately went out and bought your book for me. I began by reading the jacket cover and began to cry so much I didn’t think I could pick your book up again to read it. But I did. It has probably been the best therapy for me to help with the grieving process. Mac had a rare lung disease. I did everything I could to try and save him. I had taken him to Virginia Tech Veterinary School, where a wonderful student, Will Mazure, worked with Mac. He was put in an oxygen tank, where he could only survive. Will didn’t think he would ever be able to live outside of the tank.

I went to see Mac on a Sunday. When he saw me, he began to shake, wag his tail and claw on the door. All I wanted to do was hold him in my arms one more time. After about 5 minutes I had to put him back in the tank. I made the decision to put him to sleep if he wasn’t better in two days. Low and behold, my prayers were answered. On Monday, Will called me and said that Mac had been able to stay out of the tank all day!! I picked him up on Tuesday and brought him home. Unfortunately, his health deteriorated drastically over the holdiays and I had to put him to sleep on 1-2-08. That was the hardest thing I have ever had to do. I, like you, have had so many guilt feelings, but I know that he would never get better and I could not stand to see him suffer. I will always remember him as a little dog with a big heart. I had him cremated so that I could keep him with me always.

Thank you so much for writing this book. I don’t think I would have gotten through this without you. It is still very hard not seeing him. I reach for him in the night. Our other little Yorkie, Molly, just mopes around the house. She knows and I tried to talk to her, but she is still lonesome. She stays right at my feet.

God bless you Mark Levin. I wish there were more people out there like you.

Mary from Virginia


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  1. faye lawrence Says:

    We had a little yorkee for 14 1/2 yrs, and she was the absolutley best friend and lovable animal ever. She went everywhere with us.
    when we had to let her go I thought that I was going to have a heart attack..Thank you for sharing and I truly understand your pain..It was 2 yrs in Sept. and still miss her..