Lucky, Concho and Rosa

Mark, in 1996 our son brought home a little puppy, probably 2 months old, he had found wondering the streets. Travis, our son, had just graduated high school and would be leaving for college that fall and he wanted us keep the puppy. We pondered and my husband said he had to be an outside dog.

Well, we named him Lucky, because he was so lucky to have me for his mama. We had two other dogs at the time, Concho and Rosa, they were Norweigan Elkhounds. They accepted Lucky into the pack and he was always so grateful it seemed, to have a home. He loved me so much, he would have laid his life down for me at any time. He was so protective of me and it was not long until he was not only an inside baby, but sleeping on our bed. I knew I was the LUCKY one, to have him to share my life with.

He went everywhere with me and we shared 11 years together. I thought I would have more, but he became quite ill and passed away on Novemeber 13, 2007. I stayed by his side for 5 days and comforted him and loved him, the Vet was coming by that evening but he did not last, he passed away that afternoon. We had a coffin for him, and I placed his blankie in it and we buried him close to the house, where I can see him everyday. On Jan. 13, 2008 I found a headstone for him and we placed it on his grave.

My life will never be the same without my dear companion. I miss him so, but it really isn’t how much I love him, but how much he loved me. In September I had to put my Elkhound to sleep, she was 14 years old and had a stroke. I loved my little Rosie, and felt like I had betrayed her. I know how you felt about Sprite and having to put him to sleep. It still bothers me about Rosie, and I am thankful I did not have to put Lucky to sleep. I lost two of my babies in 6 weeks time. My son brought another puppy home and he is now 2 and was able to spend time with Rosie and Lucky, and he picked up some of there habits. His name is Woody, and we also adopted two basset hounds, Fred and Wilma, they are now 7 years old and we have had them for 3 years. Yes,we have a houseful of pets, and we love them all.

The thing about dogs is how loyal they are, how much they depend on us and how much they give us. I read your book and cried and cried. My husband doesn’t really know the pain I have felt, my loss, he loved Lucky but not the same way as I did. You know what it is like, that’s why I could relate to your book. I am sending it onto my Mom to read. Thanks for writing it. There are alot of us out here who know how the pain feels. God bless you, we love your show and love the way you tell it like it is. I hope good health and good times fill your new year- 2008. I’ll send a photo tomorrow. I have to have my husband help me with that.
God Bless,

Patience from OR

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