Loving & Saving Animals

Dear Mark, I just finished reading your beautifully written book and of course fell in love with Sprite,I listen to your show every evening on my way home to Westchester county from N.Y. my wife and I treat your show as a learning experience. We have two dogs a lab and a husky mix who is a pet rescue.

In our town of Larchmont N.Y. our entire family is involved in pet rescue dogs and cats,the animals are brought up from South Carolina (a kill state) and put up for adoption we are happy to say we saved 660 dogs and 280 cats last year. My daughter who attends high school is involved in animal rights and she volunteers her time with our local shelter and humane society.

We love saving these animals who offer there love and affection in return. Mark you and your lovely family gave SPRITE all the love and happiness a family can offer in SPRITES own way he will never forget you. Sincerely,
Elliot from NY