Losing a Dog

Mr. Levin: I wanted to write to you upon finishing the last page of “Rescuing Sprite”. It is with appreciation, sadness and compassion that I write–to thank you for sharing your story of your beloved “Spritey.” Our dogs are like our ‘children’ and it is just as painful to lose our 4-legged friends and loving companions–but only those of us who have been there, can relate to the pain and grief–and you so wonderfully demonstrated that. I lost a 16 yr. old Black Lab terrier (my first dog ever); a ‘discarded’ 12 yr. old Irish Setter and a 14 yr. old Old English Sheepdog. The pain lessens, but never goes away. Sprite has crossed over to the “Rainbow Bridge” where all dogs meet and play, in health and happiness forever.

Jan from GA