I don’t really have a story, other than the one that just made me cry so hard while I was watching Oprah. I just wanted to tell you to watch the Oprah Winfrey Show today, February 14, if at all possible. I know that it was already on ABC at 4:00 p.m., but, she does come on later, even around midnight on her own channel. One of the Valentine’s Day stories was about the dog “Oogy”, adopted by the Larry Levin family. Other than reading, Rescuing Sprite, it was the most heartwarming dog rescue story that I have ever heard. It will be worth you seeing.

If you don’t get to watch it, you can read it on Oprah.Com (not the same effect – Oogy was also on Oprah).

I read your book, with my dog, Lizzie, (5 pound chinese crested powderpuff) sitting on my lap. My husband listens to your show every day coming home from work and he told me to order the book. Thank you, I loved it. I would read and stop every so many pages to cry and read back the pages to him. Lizzie loved it too.

Thanks for listening.

Arlene from NY