Lexi, Sydney

My wife and I had a black lab named Lexi when she suggested getting another dog. I said “one dog is enough”. This sounds like a familiar story, but she convinced me to go to the animal shelter anyway. There was a female blond lab mix that caught our eye. When we entered the pen, my wife knelt down in front of the four month old puppy. The puppy then walked over and nuzzled her. We brought her home and named her “Sydney”. She bonded immediately with Lexi.

One day when Sydney was chasing Lexi in the backyard, Sydney went head on, full speed into a tree. When I picked up Sydney, I could see that she was out cold. When she started waking up in my arms I tried to comfort her as much as I could. From that point on Sydney favored me over my wife.

Later my employer gave the wife and I an opportunity to move to Australia. We painfully had to give Lexi and Sydney away. After 9/11 I lost my job and we moved back home. It’s a long story, but we were really lucky to get Sydney back.
Later my wife and I divorced. She got the house, she got a lot of $$$, but I got Sydney. You know something; I got the best of the deal.

Tom from IL