Dear Mark,
I just finished your book about Sprite. It reminded me so much of my beloved Leasal. She was a Corgi-collie mix I was fortunate to have for 12 years. It’s been said that there is only one special pet in your life even though you may have many. I now have two, female Shih Tzus and I love them to pieces but Leasal was my special girl. She was by my side with all the good and bad, significant times in my life; through divorce, lost of my mom, having to leave my home in Phila because of problem neighbors. If I didn’t have her in my life all the trials would have been more difficult.

In the Fall of 1995 after a move to NJ,finally being able to give her a yard with grass she was diagnosed with cancer. I wanted to hold on to her as long as I could. It just broke my heart to finally let her go Jan. 1996. So I understood completely what you went through with Sprite at the end. It was one of the most difficult days of my life. I still have my Leasal in spirit though and have pictures all over the house of her. In particiular, have her picture with a poem that I would like to share with you. I think this sums it up well:

Member of the Family – by Hope Harrington Kolb, 1993
“What would I do without you, my precious, fury friend?…Part mischief, but all blessing, and faithful to the end! You look at me with eyes of love; you never hold a grudge…You think I’m far too wonderful to criticize or judge. It seems your greatest joy in life is being close to me…I think God knew how comforting your warm, soft fur would be. I know you think your human. But I’m glad it isn’t true…The world would be a nicer place if folks were more like you! A few short years are all we have; one day we’ll have to part…But you, my pet, will always have a place within my heart.”

I hope you liked this poem. It was quite comforting to me after Leasal passed.

Thank you for sharing your story.

Debbie from NJ