Mark thank you for your book it was wonderful..after reading it my sweet black lab..collie mix was diagnosed with inoperable tumors. One on her leg and many more in her chest wall..My family is so heartbroken..I feel your pain Mark, I walk aimlessly around whenever i’m out just at the grocery store . All i can think about is getting home to be with her and my other dog and cats. I go to work and can’t wait to get out just to be with her and hold her and tell her how much happiness she has given me. She will succumb to this horrible disease, i know that, but right now she is here and all i want to do is let her know how much joy she’s given us…


Mark I truly feel your pain… and she isn’t even gone yet… thank you so much for your book it gave me courage to face the inevitable. My heart aches and feels heavy… and that is the feeling you said you had… i know that feeling… i have it right now… your sprite was beautiful..and i know that when my Lady goes she will meet up with Sprite and they can be friends forever… Thank you again for your book and your website,

Barbara… and LADY from ME