Lacy & Chance

Hi Mark,

Last April, I lost my beloved husband suddenly on his 60th birthday. I also had 2 elderly dogs in poor health during this time. Lacy, my Beagle, was having difficulty standing and had just stopped walking. My Vet and his staff kept Lacy and my other Dog Chance with them so that I could focus on funeral arrangements for my husband while knowing they were being loved and taken care of. When I picked them up the day after Mic’s funeral, I knew I needed to say goodbye to Lacy and have her put to sleep. The Techs went to get her for me to visit with and she WALKED out and came to me. The Techs worked with her to get her up on her feet so that I would not lose her. My heart lept with joy and love for not only her but the staff. I had her for 3 more months.

In July I had to put my other Dog, Chance to sleep and 10 days later I had to put Lacy to sleep. I have one dog and 2 cats left and I think my life would be so empty without them. I just wanted you to know how much my husband and I loved these pets. I never thought I would lose my husband and then my pets 3 months later. I know they are all in heaven enjoying good health and lots of LOVE. I read your book “Rescuing Sprite” and was so moved by it. Thank you for writing it.

Jackie from TX