We had to put our best friend of 12 years down this last summer, before all of the attention on the book. Worst day of my life. That was one good dog. Kia knew just what we wanted her to do almost without speaking. We’ve since moved on, but there is not a day that goes by, even 7 months later that we don’t miss her. I got your book, and it has been a real comfort.

We had gotten another dog about 9 months before we put Kia down. Her name is Dixie, and she is on fire to love us! She shows such selfless love, and such an excitement to see us, that it made me think of a a video concept to create for pastors and churches to use to demonstrate what our response to God should be. Dogs show unashamed love and devotion to their master, no matter what a shlub he or she is. How much we can learn from Dogs on how to love a loving Father! If you allow links, here it is. I think it demonstrates the essence of what a dog (vs a cat) offers us! http://www.sermonspice.com/videos/8190/the-truth-about-cats-and-dogs

Thanks for the site and the opportunity to co-mingle with others that love animals!!

Mark from CA