Kane and Sally

Hi Mark
I’ve just finished reading Rescuing Sprite. Absolutely wonderful and written from the heart. I lost my beautiful boy Kane aged 9 on December 20th 2007. He was a rescue dog who I took in when he was 8 months old. He had been bred on a puppy farm, taken to a pet shop at age of 6 weeks, sold at 8 weeks, then resold again at 12 weeks. Had been kept outside as owner said he kept running off with kids toys. Well that’s what labradors do.

When he came to me he was manic, the dog from hell, but with lots of love and kindness he matured into a wonderful companion whwo gave unconditonal love. He was such a character, always up to some mischief. In summer he loved to pick apples from the tree and would stand underneath looking up to decide which apple looked the best, then he wouold leap up grab the apple and hang on until it gave way and he then ran round the garden in delight before settling down to eat it.

Kane became unwell very suddenly at the end of December, vet did tests but nothing showed up. On December 17th I had to rush Kane to the emergency vet at midnight as he collapsed. Vet there suspected a tumour and said Kane needed urgent investigation by a specialist. Sadly he deteriorated before the specialist could see him and I had to make the decision to end his life. I was and still am devastated and although I know I had to do what was best and kindest for Kane I feel like a murderer. Guess you felt the same with Sprite.

I have another little friend Sally who again came from a rescue centre just over a year ago. She was brought to the UK from a dog pound in Ireland, I don’t know her background but she was obviously very badly treated and traumatised in the past. The rescue people wanted her to go to a home with another dog as she appeared to gain confidence from being with another dog. Kane like your Pepsie welcomed Sally into the home and they became inseparable. Sally was making slow but steady progress and becoming marginally less terrified of everyone and everything.


Losing Kane has really set her back. It’s going to take a lot of time and effort to get her over losing her friend, but we will come through it together. If I can manage to send you a photo I will but don’t kow if the ones I have on the computer are in the right format.

Anyway thanks for a brilliant book, I went through a mountain of tissues I can tell you. God bless you, your family not forgetting Pepsie and Griffen.
Kind regards,

Maureen from England