Jessie and Salem

Hi Mr. Levin,
Just wanted to tell you I bought your book over the weekend and I loved it and also cried and shared your pain. I also adopted an older rescue dog(doberman) and I have also come across many medical problems. And about 2 years ago my boyfriend at the time moved in with a female boxer in heat we had a stray lab jump over our fence and of course got her pregnant. She had 10 puppies but unforunately only 5 lived and we also lost the mother because of complications of giving birth. We had to give the puppies to a rescue to be cared for because we could not. But the happy news is we got the one back that looked just like his mother. We love both our dogs very much. Jessie and Salem are for sure part of our family (our boys) So thank you so much for writng this book and sharing it with many dog lovers. I wish your family well.
Attached is a pic of when we first got Jessie(boxer-lab) and of course with his Uncle Salem(the doberman)

Tracy from PA

jessie and salem