7 years ago, I met a 6 week old Great Dane. Little did I know that this little girl would change the lives of many, including mine. As the years went by, our bond strengthened. She never left my side. From an early age I realized how intelligent she was. I decided to teach her as much as I thought a dog could possibly learn. Her response was quite impressive. More impressive was her understanding of relationships.

One weekend my wife and I took Halle to a local dog park. Halle had never been around so many dogs at once. Several dogs began fighting in the distance. Halle rushed to the scene and stepped in between the two fighting dogs. It took her a couple of snaps to get them to back away. As they slowly backed away from each other, still visibly angry, Halle remained in between them and gave them each a scolding bark. The hair on her back lowered as they went on their way. Arguments at home became a rare occurrence as well.

Halle truly appreciated and understood our relationship. When she was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma in June of 2007, we were heartbroken. She had developed a tumor on her wrist which required amputation. This was only to accommodate her as far as pain was concerned but would not prolong her life. She was given between 3 and 6 months. We were excited when December came around and she was tumor free, so we thought. The lungs are usually affected first after a diagnosis.

On January 13th 2008, we came home to find her very swollen in the abdominal area. We rushed her to the vet fearing bloat. On the way to the vet, she put her head in my wife’s lap, looked up at her and began seizing. She was having a heart attack. We did all we could but after 2 more heart attacks we let her go. She passed away around 5am. She had developed a tumor deep in her abdomen as opposed to her chest as we had expected. It caused the same complications as bloat would have. We knew it would happen but we hate that it happened so fast.

The day before she passed she asked to go outside. I sat with her for awhile and then went inside for a bit. I later looked through the window to check on her. As she sat on the grass she seemed to be pondering. She would look up at the trees then the sky and even follow a leaf as it blew by. I took pictures of her that day and looking back I can see why enjoyed that day in the sun. My wife and I put together a slide show for her. There is no way words can express how loved Halle was. My wife and I put together a slideshow of her. This tribute is dedicated to all who have loved and lost. God bless all. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vl1k7tSMTnI

Terry from TX