Until last Friday, my best friend, an Airedale named Gypsy, went everywhere with me. She helped me feed my livestock every day and rode in the car with me to shop or pick up donations for the local food bank. She was the perfect companion. She listened when my teenagers gave me grief ( and never told anyone!) and loved me even when I scolded her for eating the chicken food I had just put down for the poultry. But last Friday she couldn’t eat or get up so I took her to our vet and within 12 hours my beloved Gypsy was dead.

I read My Friend Marley a year ago Christmas and was very touched by the love this family had for a juvenile deliquent dog but I will have to hold of reading your book for awhile because the hurt of loosing my Gypsy before she was old is way too deep right now. I just wanted you to know that I am soooo glad there are other wackos out there who love thier buddies as mush (almost) as I loved my girlie (that is what I called her). I listened to your talk with Rush and emjoyed it very much.

Gypsy was perfect in every way and the hole in my life is huge!!!!! I have her granddaughter who is 3 months old and looks very much like her but i told the puppy that she will never take Gypsy’s place ,but will be another great dog like her grandma. I think she is happy with that.

Jane from WA


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  1. K Crumpton Says:

    I am so sorry for your loss of Gypsy.
    May God give you strength through your pain and one day find the comfort in the wonderful memeories knowing that even though your companionship was short lived, it was LIVED!