Grace & Will

Your book was truly hard for me to read……as dog lovers we have all been in your shoes. we have to just remember that the love and happiness out weighs the bad. here is my story, we had a retriiever mix that after 15 years of loving had to be put down because of tumors in her lungs.

I never thought i would ever get another dog…then one day my husband and son brought home a black lab mix that they rescued from a construction site(the owner was going to take her in the woods and shoot her) i named her Grace because she was my saving Grace. She sounds so much like your Pepsi………..loving and giving. Then about a year ago a dog was on the local news. this animal had been found by the warden in a ditch on the side of the highway. he had been hit by a car,fell in the ditch and couldn;t get out because his pelvis was broken. he layed on his back in that narrow ditch for days, the rain came and he was almost completely covered in mud. he came close to suffocating. when the warden realized he was alive he dug the dog out and rushed him to the hospital. he had 28 pieces of buck shot in him along with all the trauma of being hit by the car. the news starting calling his Mud because he was found in so much mud. after seeing his face on tv, my husband and i drove to the hospital to check on this poor creature. i knew instantly that we could help this poor dog. we sat with him and tried to get a sense of his personality, but he was in such bad shape that he didn;t know we were there. we went out of town for the weekend and when i got to work on monday i called the hospital to check on his condition. we then called the animal shelter to see about adopting this animal. 53 people had called about adopting him.

Anyway, we were the lucky ones that got to bring him home. we renamed him Will because of his strong will to live. so now we have Will and Grace……….. after Will got to feeling better and his tubes came out and stiches gone we realized that Will was probably wild and never had a family. it took several weeks for his to adjust to our family, but he surely does rule us all now. Will and Grace remind me of your Sprite and Pepsi. they are now the best of friends. Will has cost us a fortune in vet bills but in the evening when he curls up on the sofa beside me, it’s priceless….thank you for writing your book about Sprite. although i cried for hours it was a good cry.

Holly from VA