My name is Gipper. My possessor/owner is Lady Josephine. According to Lady, I am a handsome, adorable, charming, bonny miniature poodle. Each morning she has a routine, and I am fortunate to travel along. I sit on a double pillow in the passenger seat of her politically decorated silver beetle. The pillows make it convenient for me to see all the routine route and landscape. I am very acquainted with the route to the post office each morning, and then to the drive up coffee where she buys a mocha and i am happy to receive a dog bisquit.

This one special morning, as she turned right onto PCH, the signal at the next corner was yellow and suddenly turned red. The Lady went right through. seconds later i noticed a flashing red light behind us. Lady pulled into the Shell gas station and a black and white car came along side. A handsome uniformed gentleman came to her window. she zapped the window down, and I gleefully jumped on her lap to greet the HANDSOME GENTLEMAN. He petted my head and scratched behind my ears while he and the Lady seemed to be having a pleasant conversation. Then, I heard him say “please be careful”. My Lady thanked him. I returned to my pillows, and as we drove off, my Lady petted me and said, “Hey, Gipper. you did good!”

I felt proud,

(Josephine from CA)