Mr. Levin:

I’m a Philly Boy too. Front and Tabor in North Phila.

I doing business as a real estate broker I have to log onto the County website on a regular basis. On the side of the page is the “adoptable pet”. When I see the adoptable pet I usually say a prayer and I’m on my way. One day their was this goofy looking skinny dog marked as “Urgent”. I went to the shelter and bailed him out. I have two rescued cats who didn’t take to him very well. My mother who already had a dog allowed me to kennel him at her house. We a couple months went by with me walking the dogs every day and the day came that my mother’s dog Ginger had to be put to sleep. I helped Ginger thru it for my mother who had recently lost my step-father to cancer.

Well about a month has passed and there is one goofy looking dog named Gabe who has been adopted by my mother I walked him today. and that skinny 57 pound shelter dog with days to live is now 80 pounds and can poop with the best of them.

I bought Rescuing Sprite for her after Ginger was gone and it really helped.

I listen to your podcast every day and don’t miss a minute. I also listen to another podcast who was nice enough to read my letter. In the letter I asked that they announce www.theanimalrescuesite.com

Free donations to shelters with a couple of clicks of the mouse.

How about a Levin Surge for our four legged friends?

Thank You Very Much

John from NC