Currently we have four furry kids. Two are about 12 years old and the other two are about 10.

Our largest dog, 55 lbs. has developed back trouble and arthritis. He shouldn’t go up and down stairs, but that where his *home* is so up he goes every night, or when he’s stressed. He’s a lab-doby/cock-a-poo mix. Cute as the dickens, but has an attitude. Now we call him “old man.”

Our others are loved alot, too. The oldest, alpha-female and the one we have had the longest has seems to have Cushings disease.

If we have to put Butch down we’re going to be heart broken….don’t know how we’ll stand it. Same holds true for each of the others.

Lost our dog, Dusty, 12 years ago and we still mourn off and on. He’s become perfect in our memories LOL.

Will read the book someday…just not yet.

Pam from MI