Dusty was a blue point rag doll of 11 years. He fell ill at the end of February of 2007.
I took him to the emergency vet across town, I was unsatisfied with the behavior and lack of compassion that the vet displayed, her attitude put me off , so with little aftercare I took him home for the last time. He spent the last night at home next to me in my bed.

I did not want to give up on him yet I took the x-rays that the late night vet gave me to a wonderful vet that was referred to me by my neighbor. I had the vet run the recommended labs and Dusty was safe in her hands.

The vet there put him on IV fluids and gave him some meds to ease a clot in his hind leg.
The original vet diagnosed him with hyper tropic cardio myopathy an thick layer around the heart muscle, arthritis of the spine and he had a blood clot in the hind leg.

Dusty remained unchanged in the next morning morning and the labs had not come back yet.
Later in the day I got the call from the vet to come in to discuss his progress. hoping for the best I left work and was on my way. I was 2 blocks away when the vet called again to see where I was and to get there fast. When I arrived the 2 Vets were him CPR. Dusty was in full arrest, intubated and asystole. I asked the vet how long he had been down and I said he had enough and made the heart breaking decision to peacefully end his life.

Mark Your book gave me the solace I needed knowing I made the right decision.

David from Las Vegas