I hope my master walks me today
And then throws the ball for us to play
I hope he buys me a brand new toy
Pats my head and calls me a good boy
I hope he fills my water bowl soon
So I can go and bay at the moon
I hope he gives me my precious snack
The one that comes in that reddish pack
Hope he sees my tail wagging to walk
It’s hard sometimes since I cannot talk
Hope he knows me standing at the door
I’m not posing for him to adore
I can get him to rub my belly
And then start it shaking like jelly
I like it when we play tug-of-war
When I go sliding across the floor
Think I will keep this master of mine
His actions are ones that truly shine
I’ll love and protect him everyday
I am mans best friend or so they say
I have gotten him perfectly trained
Our relationship was never strained
I love every thing he’s done for me
My devotion is what he will see