I am just about finished with your book about Sprite. What a joy for you to have had a dogs love. I too had a very special dog named Dixie. She was a very abused, almost dead, dalmation that stole my heart. I had 7 fantastic years with her. She understood more english than most people and was better behaved than most peoples kids. She had a repertoire of 20 different tricks (I taught them to her to restore her spirit) and would sell out for a piece of cheese. I will miss that dog til my dying breath. A more loving or loyal companion would be impossible to find. She had this stare…and she wouldn’t quit til you gave in and gave her what she wanted. She won every time.

I now do rescue for Saints with the National St Bernard rescue foundation. Education is our only hope. To educate the backyard breeder into not raising more problems. We have enough dogs…we just need to take care of the ones already here. Everyone should know the gratitude of a rescued dog, not to mention the unconditional love. No finer a love to be found. Thanks,

Cheryl from WA