Cruiser McDaniel

In memory of Cruiser McDaniel: April 13, 1989-July 28, 2006

On July 28, 2006, Cruiser “Brother BoBo” was quietly released to heaven by way of the Rainbow Bridge. On July 28, 2006, our family, and this world, lost a sweet soul.

Cruiser came into our lives in the summer of 1989. He was a precious little brown puppy. We fell in love with his personality, his kisses, his love, his sweet spirit, but mostly his eyes…… his eyes….were beautiful. Cruiser loved chasing squirrels, crawling under covers, stealing our slippers, seeing his friends, playing with toys, neighborhood walks, but mostly….. just being with us. He lived a great life.

After being an only child for 11 years, Cruiser became the best big “Brother” to baby Sydney. They had total respect and love for each other. As Sydney grew older, Brother Bo Bo stayed by her side trying to keep up with all the activity of a little girl and her friends. However, at 15 years of age, he began to show signs that his little body was slowing down, yet he still enjoyed life, as well as his car and wagon rides through the neighborhood. His favorite past-time as he aged…..napping with his mom, warm blankets, eating, and drinking chocolate milk. This past spring we watched Cruiser growing weaker and weaker in his back legs, and some type of cancer begin to grow. Somehow we knew we had been given a “sign,” and that Cruiser was ready for a peaceful release. Our time was growing short with our boy. His last day, July 28th, 2006, was spent with our family…….we napped, kissed his sweet face, went for a car ride, sat in the sun, and fed him all his favorite foods. We lay beside him trying to memorize his soft fur, the little curves of his body, his sweet smell, and looking into his beautiful eyes.

We were blessed to have him in our lives for 17 years. Special thanks to Dr. Nancy Churchill and Dr. Elizabeth Niciu who kept Cruiser’s little body going for so long. Thanks to our friends and family who supported us when we knew our time was growing short with our boy. Most of all, we are thankful to God for touching our lives with such a sweet soul and for allowing us to hold Cruiser when he took his last breath. We miss him so much and would give anything to hold him just one more time. But because we are so connected to him, we will never be separated in spirit. He is with us still. But we’ll be together again, physically, someday….and he’ll be waiting for us….just this side of the Rainbow Bridge. Brother, Bo Bo, Cruiser, Sweet Boy…….thanks for everything!

With love, Brenda, James, and Sydney from GA