Dear Mr. Levin, first, thanks for your show. My dog Crissy and I listen daily while on our walk. Crissy and my wife are the two reasons I’m alive to tell the story. I was born with cystic fibrosis. That is a degenerative lung disease. We lost our two old dogs in ’04. I bought another Australian Cattle Dog when I had healed a bit from losing them.

In the fall of ’04 cystic fibrosis was forcing me to work less and less. I’m a truck driver in Central AZ. The disease progressed to the point of critical by March of ’05. On March 17th of ’05 I went in to respiratory failure and had to be medevaced from Globe to Phx. Upon my arrival in PHX, my Dr’s put me in an induced coma to keep me alive until I could receive a double lung transplant. After the coma incident I was sent home to either die or be transplanted. While I was waiting I kept telling myself,”I can’t die now, this dog has too much personality. I’ve got to live and watch her grow up”.

Well, long story shorter, I recived my transplant on June 16th 2005. I thank God, my wife and Crissy every day. Without them, I would not be typing this now. I’m thankful you’re donating proceeds from your book to animal shelters. Dogs do so much for us and ask nothing in return. I’m convinced God put these wonderful little furry people on Earth to be our best buddies.

Thank you for all you do. May God bless you and yours and may God bless our Nation. Please keep up the fight. I know our healthcare system is not nearly as bad as the left would lead us to believe. I’m one of the largest consumers of healthcare in the Nation. I paid NOTHING for my life-saving surgery. I pay damn near the same for my meds that keep me alive. My pharmacy bill is around 5500 a month. I pay approx 55-60 dollars per month in co-pays. Please, save us from Shrillary and Obama; they want to wreck our healthcare. God bless you sir, “Pat”.. BTW-watching Crissy grow up has been well worth the fight to stay alive. We love her more and more every day. We love Australian Cattle dogs, they are a riot!

Pat from AZ