Coconut and Bailey

Mr. Levin,
Sir, although I have never had the honor to meet you, I must say that you are one of the Greatest Americans.Thank you for who you are and what you stand for.I listen to your show as often as i can and am always informed and entertained.Your show is a class act and your topics are of interest to me.
Our famliy has always included pets of all kinds….but I must admit that Coconut and Bailey have brought much joy to us.We brought Coconut home just prior to me going to Iraq last January 07. I was in country for 6 months and that little guy helped my family in so many ways….if anybody wants to understand what “unconditioal love” is, get a dog!!!!! He helped my Wife and our Daughters cope with my absense. I am truly a better person because of him.Then came Bailey…we found him wandering along the road near our upstate NY home.I pulled over to avoid hitting him and my wife jumped out of our minivan and scooped him up. After examining him we determined that he had no collar, he was dirty and needed a haircut.We took him to our Vet and then our relative who operates a kennel.We got him up to date on his shots and a handsome haircut.I have come to realize that God has given us the ability to love much.Our hearts are capable of many loves….Family ,Friends and if we’re fortunate Pets who become members of our families.
Keep up the “good fight” Mr. Levin may God bless you and your Family
P.S. Coconut is a white mix breed of poodle/maltese and wire hair terrier. Bailey is a chocolate toy poodle.

David from NY