“Rescuing Sprite” – Another Take. Mark: I’m in my 60’s and a military retiree. Just finished your book and, admittedly, was teary eyed at the end. About 15 yrs ago, my younger son wanted a Golden Retriever so we went to the Golden Retreiver Resue Society adoption in Silver Spring, MD. Thought we were going to get a puppy but an older dog drew our attention. “chester” as we called him, was a great dog- only people he barked at was our family: to go out,get in or eat. He was older than we first thought -probably 9 or 10. But for 3 yrs we had a wonderful companion. Great w/people.

Anyway he developed leukemia and we had to put him down. Sad day in our lives. This, then, is the other take on your book. I learned from Chester that dogs will do anything for their masters, even when in pain, They would probably walk thru fire if you asked them. They can’t tell you how much pain they are in but only want to please you. Thus, with Sprite, I think you held on too long. As I read the book I kept on thinking, were you making decisions in the best interests of Sprite or for the comfort you derived from him? I found myself hoping you would have acted sooner on his behalf primarily to alleviate his pain/discomfort ratther than your “pain” which I can certainly empathezise with. I felt your pain but I think I felt Sprite’s moreso. I don’t mean to offend but I hope you don’t take the same steps for Pepsi and Griffen when their quality of life is the same as Sprite’s.

Best Regards,

Rich from DE