I’m halfway through your book, Rescuing Sprite. Needless to say it has touched me deeply as I have rescued my dog as well. 10 years ago, I rescued Chelsea, a shepard, lab, husky mix. She was 8 weeks old and had the second worst case of puppy abuse in NYC that survived. She had her paws nailed to the floorboard, her 2 back legs were broken and her stomach was covered with cigarette burns..malnourished. She just broke my heart. She was and is the sweetest thing you ever wanted to see. She’s kind and loving. I thought I was going to be her saviour, but in actuality, she was mine.

My heart was so broken when I adopted her. I went through a very bad 20 year relationship with my ex and numerous miscarriages. She saved my life. I look at her as I am writing this and feel so blessed that she’s in my life. God has given me such a gift. She helped me through both my Mom and Dad’s death and various other ups and downs that life throws you. She’s sleeping right now and even then she looks like an angel. Chelsea has a lot of medical problems but I cherish each and every day with her. No matter how much time I have left with her, I know I have experienced so much more than so many other people. She has taught me compassion, unconditional love and so much more. I’m not that great a writer like you are, but I hope I expressed how better off my life is with her in it. By the way, my boyfriend gave me your book for Christmas and Hannukah…my best gift yet.

Debbie from NY