Although I haven’t yet had the opportunity to read your book, “Rescuing Sprite”, I do look foward to doing so. After listening to your show consistantly for about 4 months now I couldn’t help but be inspired by your compassion for dogs. I had always grown up with dogs but as I got older and got married we consistently had cats in our home. Cats are great because they are relatively low maintenance if they remain indoors.

Your stories of Sprite and Pepsi and how they are always by your side and they helped you through your tough medical issues, I remembered how upbeat and special the dogs I grew up with were to me and my family. I began to miss that outward expression of joy and love when you come into the house after being away. And you always get the same response whether you are gone for 5 hours or 5 minutes.

So just before Christmas 2007 while looking for fish tank stuff, I saw what I thought was the most beautiful dog. He was brought to the store by a local rescue group here. We named him Chase. He is an American Pit Bull Terrior and the most loving, well mannered, ball of energy I had ever seen. I had always heard horror stories about APBTs and how viscious they are, but this dog is not like the stories I have heard. We have had him for 6 weeks, he is beginning to trust that he is part of the pack. He gets along with all the neighbor dogs (so far) and has been so good with the kids. He has to lick each one when they come home from school every day. He has brought so much joy and love to this family and if it weren’t for listening to your show and your stories about your dogs than I probably would not have been given the chance to adopt this wonderful dog and who knows what his fate would have been.

Thank you Mr. Levin not just for your work on the radio but for reminding me of the joy and love a dog can bring to a family.


Sean from AK