Champ, Charlotte

I just finished Rescuing Sprite
and was so glad that you decided to write this book. Dog lovers truly understand the emotions you and your family experienced. I did want to address something you mentioned about Sprite’s shying away from pats on the head. Our first boxer, Champ was the same way. Because we had raised him from puppyhood I knew he wasn’t abused but still I was puzzeled by the behavior. Then I read something, somewhere that explained that some dogs because of the positioning of their eyes see only a large object coming towards their face and immediately duck out of reflex.

Our current boxer, Charlotte is exactly the same way. In looking at Sprite’s beautiful, soulful eyes I can’t help but think that may be the reason he reacted that way. I know I would prefer to believe that as opposed to abuse and truly hope that is the reason. I would also like to add that when we lost Champ 2 years ago to cancer (onset sudden and fatal). We were totally unprepared. My husband like you wanted to do everything humanely possible to not only prolong his life but also asure a life without pain felt we should opt for chemo.

Unfortunately the first dose was enough to take him over the edge and we lost him the next day. I would never choose that route again. That year was very bad for us. My mother became very ill, my husband fell off the roof, was intensive care for 3 weeks, my father died and then 4 months later Champ died. I reacted the most severly to Champ’s death and went into a very dark depression.
Please know that you are not alone and your book really helped showing me that it is a good thing to be a crazy dog lover!
Thank you,
Nancy from OR

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  1. Paul Says:

    Iam sorry to here about your losses, Ive been there,I am a Boxer owner too and I would like to share my story with you. God bless!