Cesar was a lovable, shaggy mongrel, part Collie, part Shepard, and part something else that was special — he had a soul.

The boaters, of the family marina, fed and played with him. And he never jumped on kids, knowing that he might scratch or tumble them.

Cesar lived a good life, but in his last year he was deteriorating rapidly. But I didn’t want to put him away, if possible. As long as he didn’t suffer. On his final day I gave him my T-Bone steak; alas he just sniffed it and nibbled a bit, which made me fully aware this might be good-bye.

The next morning we couldn’t find him. We realized, during the previous night, he quietly walked off into the bush, the forest around the property, and peacefully lay down so as not to bother anyone.

My Ojibway-Elder friend, Duke Redbird, of CITY TV said this was a natural way.

Edmund from Ontario