Casey, Jake, Bailey

Hi Mark, I know exactly how you feel – last year I had to have my 2 dogs put to sleep – Casey in March and Jake in December. Casey had been with me since she was 6 months old and was 12 when she went home – Jake had been outside during Hurricane Andrew and my niece rescued her from a pile of rubble and I had had her for 6 years. They were my children and I loved them so much but I couldn’t let them suffer. My vet told me I was giving them a gift by not letting them suffer longer. I have their ashes and have told my children that I want them scattered with mine on the gulf stream (where we scattered the ashes of my husband). My dogs give me so much unconditional love – and ask for so little back.

I now have Bailey, another Boxer, who I love very much and yet I know I won’t have her for too long – she is 10-1/2 years old and Boxers usually have a life span of about 12 (have had 5 others and none lived longer than 12). Enjoy Pepsi and Griffen and give them the love they deserve and when it is time give them the last gift you can give them – peace.

My heart goes out to you – as I read your book I was crying a good part of the time.


Paula from FL