Dear Mark, In writing to you about our beloved Bugsy, I’m hoping to lighten my heart of grief. This coming March will be 3 years since we had to put down our sweet cat Bugsy aka Baby Bugs. Our two young sons rescued him off the side of the road where some idiot discarded him and his sibling like trash in Aug.’96. He had several things wrong with him but we nursed him with the help of our vet. He grew to be a large, full grown tabby with not one mean bone in his body.

In 2000, we noticed his breathing was labored and the vet told us his lungs never fully developed and we had to give him pills every other day. Of course, he fought us at first but then eventually he would give in and would let me hold him like a baby and take his pill. Every year he would get a little worse but we would treasure every moment with him. He would try to play with our other cat but just couldn’t.

One night in March of 2005 I found him sleeping sitting up apparently because he couldn’t breath laying down. The next morning we took him into the vet and we had him put to sleep. We’ve had several animals in our lives and eventually had them put down but Baby Bugs was special. Perhaps as special as your Sprite. He was the nicest pet we’ve ever had with never a complaint.

To this day whenever we pass by a veternarian my heart tugs and I look up and think of my Bugsy. Mark, I want to thank you so much for sharing your memories and I hope and pray the Lord will continue to comfort you. I’m hoping some day to read your book but right now I know it is not possible. My husband and I love your show and you make us laugh. You’re not afraid to say what is on your mind and we love you for it! Keep up the great work and God bless America and you. Sincerely,


Linda from NV