I have been attempting to read rescuing sprite since December. Each time l read a page my eyes water up and i have to put the book down.As a police officer in yonkers,ny for 28 yrs.l have seen a lot of sorrow but the loss of my little buffy 10 mos. ago still has me crying. She had also been abandoned and apparently abused as a pup when i found her. She was a 18 lb. llasa apsa and as l found out later, was a producer of gaul stones.

After two surgeries she again had more stones and the vet told me she would never survive the surgery. She was in great pain and l had to put her to sleep. I am so heart broken. My only regret Mark is that l couln’t go into the room with her and the vet and allowed my wife to stay with her. I am ashamed of myself for being such a coward.aI even saved some of her stones and a lock of her hair so they can be placed in my coffin when my time comes.
GOD bless you Mark, l listen to you every day.
Paul from NY