BubbaRay, Louis

Now, I know why they call you the ‘great Mark Levin’..I just finished Rescuing Sprite…I also have a ‘once in a lifetime dog-child’ His name is BubbaRay & he is a standard poodle.. I have spent all my saved cosmetic surgery money to save his life from “BLOAT” and then bleeding ulcers..And I would gladly do it over again and again. We feel about him as ya’ll do about Spritey…his nick-name is Bubbie..I am a retired flight attendant and we don’t even travel anymore because it is simply no fun without him by our side..
I gave up my job from American Eagle about 8 yrs ago when our beloved ‘Louis’ developed diabetes and needed insulin shots every 12 hours..I am proud to say that he lived into his 19 yr and had a stroke in bed next to me on New Years morn of 2001…But my BubbaRay somehow crosses a line and is part of our souls. I had his actual paw print tattooed on my lower back with a little red heart for my 60th birthday just this 1/23 .. I have NEVER had a tattoo before but this seemed the thing to do.
Mark, may you find comfort in knowing that Sprite waits for you ..Bless you and yours!

Carrie from MS