Just finished Rescuing Sprite. We had to put Brandy, our tan Sheltie down too. She had a tumor under her tongue and surgery to remove would have left her with a food tube and much discomfort. My vet told us to love her for a week or more and we would know what to do. She stopped eating and spent time under our deck by herself – she also let us cuddle her and love and kiss her but she was not feeling well.


It is hard to make that decision but it’s much easier on pet. The ones left are burdened with
guilt. Did we do the right thing. And there is guilt that you feel so depressed and sad over
the death of a dog. But it isn’t just a dog – the love they give is so fulfilling. We couldn’t eat at our table because we missed Brandy not being there. You are so consumed with grief – maybe more than even when parents
died. Our parents were elderly and not well and we were sad – but we were devastated when
Brandy died.We have her ashes in a wooden box – I’m going to plant a tree
like you did and use her remains to fertilize. Thank you for the good idea.

PS Our vet wanted us to contact a man who wanted to get rid of his Sheltie. He wanted to travel and not be burdened with dog. Our vet called every day to see if we had called the man. I told him I wasn’t ready for a dog and asked him if his wife died would he look for a new one right away. We did finally call the man and drove over to see dog. He wasn’t very kind to the dog and we felt sorry for the dog and ended up taking her home. We’ve had her for 2 years and she is loved and cherished. Becky has her own personality and has filled a void we had in our hearts.

I’m thankful that my vet kept telling me to call Becky’s owner. And I like Rush and Sean even more since I know
they share our love of animals. I enjoyed your book and had a good cry over story and memories it brought back.

Thank you-


Elizabeth from OH