I am presently reading Rescuing Sprite.I also had a precious friend,a Shih Tzu named Brandi. I got her when she was 6 weeks old.An endearing memory of her was when my husband died in l998, she cuddled near me as I cried.As she got around 13,her eyesight started to fade,she relied on my more and stayed very close to me.

At 14 yrs.old I felt a lump on her stomach,the vet confirmed it was cancer,plus she had a heart murmer,the worst it gets.We decided that because of her heart she may not survive surgery for the tumor.So I decided to let her live her last days as she was.She turned 15,on this past Ocy.6,2007 and it was shortly after I had to face that awful day.

That weekend she had been moaning because the tumor was getting uncomfortable for her.So,Monday morning I had to make that call,I wasn’t going to see her suffer anymore.That was the hardest thing I think I’ve ever done.She was my buddy,my loyal friend!

Cheryl from NC