We rescued a dog a year ago.Our shelter is a no kill shelter they have dogs that are 15 years old that came when they were puppies.Our dog Boo is a bichon she was part of a puppie mill they were taken from the owners because they were being mistreated.She had 9 puppies at the time. Of course the puppies went right away. Boo was there for about 4 months when we found her.

Of course she wasn’t housebroken yet as she had lived in a cage all her life.She had never had any human contact.It was a long job about 8 months to finally get her trained but we did it.She is the most loving dog that I have ever had.I know she really loves her life now.She has been on 2 trips with us.I ordered a book that tells the places that accept dogs.I don’t think I said she was 3 years old when we got her.I loved your book.Got it in the mail and read it the same day,couldn’t put it down.

Mary from IA