I read with much joy and sadness your story about your beloved Sprite. No words can adequately reflect the difficultly of losing someone (dogs are people to me) that you have loved and nurtured, especially one for such a short period of time. Huge kudos to you for taking such good care of him and loving him. The older guys seldom get adopted and I have made it my mission to adopt as many of the old ones as I can and make their last years as wonderful as possible. I have adopted from a shelter, rescued a puppy and adopted two labs from a rescue group.

With sadness, I have had to let go of three of them – a brutally emotional event for one to go through. I currently have one lab named Bo, who came to us around 8 years old. He had clearly been abused and it has taken much patience and love from us to help him adjust. All he wants from us is love, love, love and we are more than willing to give it.

Your book was fabulous – you said the things I feel about this process. I admire your honesty – sometimes I think people just don’t understand my attachment, not only to my dogs, but dogs in general. I listen to you often and know you are a huge animal supporter. I have attached a link to an article in the Capital Newspaper – take a look and see if you might be able to give the issue some air time. I am writing letters and calling non stop and will soon become a permanent visitor to some state and local offices until this law gets changed.

May God bless you and your Sprite – I am confident he is playing with my guys that have gone before him.

Adele from MD