I just fiinished your very good book about Sprite. My dog Blackie died last Jan. with some kind of infection. He lasted only 3 days. We couldn’t get his fever down and he just got weaker. So your book was reminding me of him.

Pat from OH

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  1. Louise FIlkins Says:

    Dear Mark,
    Tears are streaming down my face as I write this. My wonderful beagle, Albert died late last night. He had surgery to remove bladder stones and he had a growth on his spleen, so the spleen was removed. A few hours later, he went into shock and died. I never dreamed this would happen and I am devastated and in shock. He was only 11, but the surgery was too much for him. I am in agony that I was not there to say good bye to him and tell him how much I loved him. I just can’t believe I will never see him again. I lost my other dog just 15 months ago and the house is so empty. They give us so much, yet their lives are just too short.
    I have been thinking about your book since yesterday and because of your book, I know I am not alone. This is extremely comforting, as you and all your readers and listeners know.
    Thank you for writing your book as having this web page.
    Louise in DC