Birdie Jo

In about 1964 I got a toy fox terrier from a lady I worked for. Me and my sister were raised by our grandmother. I got out of Clyde high school Clyde, Tx I joined up and was gone for 4 yrs. Granny of course had Birdie Jo my dog. Got out of the service got married and moved to ft. worth went to college and worked.

Make the story short Granny Scott died at age 83 Birdie was by then about 13 yrs old. Granny died in the afternoon and Birdie died that night. Their is a God she ask for Birdie and God made it happen. So I know their is at least one dog in heaven. She had a chair by her bed with a towel in it for birdie to sleep next to her. I remember she had to help Birdie get into the chair becasue she had a hard time jumping into it. Mark I listen to you every night. You are the best.

Richard from TX