Ben, Cocoa

Rescuing Sprite was an awesome book!! I cried and laughed and cried some more. What a wonderful way for you to work through your grief and to help others with theirs. It is never easy saying good-bye to a beloved pet and I have done it many, many times. You were lucky to have Chris come to the home where Sprite was most comfortable.

The reminded me how we adopted Ben, an Australian Cattle Dog. Before Ben, there was Cocoa, yes a Chocolate Lab, whom I loved and adored, even though she’d help her self to the refrigerator when she was left alone, and so did my father. In May 2002, my father passed away and I was devastated. He was my best friend. As I was trying to work through my grief, I received news that Cocoa had a blood disorder and was bleeding internally. She had to be put down. I held her head and just kept whispering how much I loved her. It truly was the hardest thing I ever had to do. Even as I write this, I’m crying! A friend said to me that my father missed me so much that he needed a piece of me with him in heaven so he chose Cocoa. Though the statement helped me with my grief for both, I told my husband and son NO MORE DOGS unless St. Francis or Cocoa leads one to us in desperate need.

Almost 1½ later, I was on a website where you click and feed an animal a meal. Well, I clicked and clicked and then all of a sudden I was on Petfinder.com and saw Ben’s picture. I read all about him and knew he was the perfect fit for our family. We had 4 cats and, in his bio, it was stated that he got along with any animal, even cats. I showed my husband the website and Ben’s picture. He was still unsure but I submitted the application. Within 1 day I received a telephone call to arrange a meeting with Ben. Ben and my husband connected and he came home with us that day. Every animal we have taken in has been abandoned, abused, or found. They don’t call me Ellie Mae for nothing!!!

Thanks, Mark, for the wonderful story. Oh, we are BIG FANS!! We listen to you every night! God Bless!

Mary-Ellen from NJ