I wanted to Thank
You for writing such a wonderful book. My boyfriend and I adopted our son Ben from our local Humane Society 2 years ago. He is a Corgi mix.
My parents had to put down my dog Sugar Baby that I had since I was in 4th grade. I could not bear the thought of going home and her not being there it broke my heart. We had her for 14 years. I had been begging for a puppy and he thought that it would be easier going home if I had a new puppy to keep my mind off of Sugar. So the next day I got Benjamin Dale.
I think that when you rescue a dog they know that and thank you everyday for it. Ben is so spoiled and truly thinks that he is part Corgi part human. While reading your book I could not help to think about what it will be like when it is time to make the decision of letting him go. It was such a wonderful book and I cried the whole time. I could not put it down and read it all in one day. I still get choked up when I talk about your story and Sprite, or when Ben is outside and gets lost in the breeze like Sprite did.
Ben is a huge part of our lives. He goes to work with Ryan everyday and spends his time listening to Mark Levin and Sean Hannity on XM Radio. Thank You for your wonderful book and for you amazing Talk Show.

Ashley from MO