Mark – I I know you have recv’d so many stories to date about your precious Spritey and never did I think I would have a story to tell until now. My husband I love your show and so when I heard of your horrible tale and your book, I rushed out to purchase it. It was a present for my husband for Christmas. He read your book in 1 day – You see, I married not only a wonderful man, but I married a wonderful dog at the same time – a beautiful 5yrs old, 150# black lab named BEAR. He was identical to my husband, loyal, compassionate, powerful, stubborn and loved me unconditionally. Our story starts just this past week when overnight Bear had a huge tumor form in a lymph node on his neck. By morning, it was massive – larger than my hand. He was rushed to the vet and my husband called 2hrs later – overwrought with sadness as he had put his Beloved Bear down. The vet said there was nothing they could do and so that he would not suffer even for a day, my husband said goodbye to his very best friend.

I’m reading Sprite as I now understand your sorrow. This will take time for my husband to get over and as you mention in your book, he is questioning the very reason things happen the way they do. My faith tells me that they’re are just times when there is absolutely no reason for what has happened, that life is truly unfair so many times – and our outlook is based upon how we deal with these very sad moments. Mark, your book undoubtedly has helped many people through their grief in making these kinds of decisions. I hope that in your situation and in ours that time will heal these wounds – our pets are our family and they make everyday special beyond belief. In my eyes, they are GOD’s angels on earth. Thank you so very much for sharing your soul, your sadness, your grief, and your strength in making it through these trying times.

I know there was an evening you shared that because of your grief you almost gave up your career – I’m so very thankful that Hannity and Limbaugh were able to talk you out of it and to instead express yourself through your book – the world would have been a sadder place without having Levin on every evening. You keep up the great work in that basement of yours!!! Sincerely – Camille and Sam Austin (i wished I had an online pic to share but they’re on Sam’s phone instead)

Camille from TX