I listen to your show (via download) religiously, and enjoy it immensely. I have been so touched by your dog story and those of your listeners over the past couple of months.

I bought my wife your book for Christmas, and decided that I wanted to rescue a dog, as well as get a dog for my 11-year old daughter. We researched breeds and rescue groups, and decided to work with the Carolina Border Collie Rescue group.

They alerted me to a stray female BC, picked up in Rowan County, NC. Last Saturday my daughter and I drove the two hours to get this beautiful dog out of the shelter before they destroyed it (it’s a kill shelter with a gas chamber).

I’m telling you Mark, I broke down and cried like a baby when we got that dog out of there–she immediately laid down next to me on the ground and put her head in my lap. That’s how touched I have been with your story and the idea of saving a dog’s life.

I have attached a picture of me and my daughter with “Sadie”, after we got her home and cleaned her up. She is a wonderful dog so far, and we are truly blessed.

Keep up the good work, and push back the liberal hordes!


Phil from NC